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TCW’s Marketing teams leverage their vast experience and understanding of the complex issues facing investors in today’s dynamic market environment to provide highly customized solutions.  Through a time-tested, team oriented and risk controlled discipline, we partner with each of our clients to deliver optimal strategies across equities, fixed income, emerging markets and alternative investments to help them achieve their investment objectives.

TCW Non U.S. Investor Marketing

lg_debreu_stanislasStanislas Debreu
Head of International Marketing
tel: +1 213 244-0789




lg_watkins_junjie Junjie Watkins, CFA
Managing Director
tel: +852 2918 1880

Gian Luca Giurlani
Managing Director
tel: + 44 203 817 3563
Heather Bao, CFA
Senior Vice President
tel: +852 2918 1883

Heinrich Riehl, CFA
Managing Director
tel:+44 0203 817 3570

Young Ju Hong
Senior Vice President
tel: +852 2918 1155

Clive Crowe, CFA
Senior Vice President
tel: + 44 203 817 3564



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