Shareholders may file complaints free of charge, and information regarding the TCW Fund’s (“Fund”) complaints handling procedures is made available to Shareholders on request, free of charge. The Fund expects that complaints are most likely to be received by SGSS / EFS, the Investment Manager, the Investment Sub-Manager or sub-distributors (“Service Agents”). A complaint is a written notification to one of the aforementioned Service Agents or the Complaints Handling Officer and the complaint has a financial impact to the investors in the Fund.

Upon compliant receipt by the affected Service Agent, any complaint is reported to the Complaints Handling Officer. If a complaint has been received by the Fund, the Complaints Handling Officer forwards the complaint to the concerned Service Agents of the Fund, depending on the subject of the complaint.

The draft response, prepared by the affected Service Agent, is sent back to the Complaints Handling Officer for review and approval. When the drafting of a response and/or settlement of the complaint by the affected Service Agent takes more than five days, an acknowledgement of receipt is sent by the Service Agent or the Fund to the claimant, indicating that his/her complaint will be answered in a timely manner.

On a quarterly basis, the Complaints Handling Officer will report the Board of Directors of the Fund the complaints received with the information on its nature, its background, the financial, operational and reputational risks, the financial, contractual and regulatory impact, the achieved settlement, the mitigation actions undertaken and the next steps if applicable.

On an annual basis, the Complaints Handling Officer reports to the CSSF the number of complaints received and their nature as well as their status. The Fund records each complaint and the measures taken for its resolution on the complaints register.

An annual summary of complaints received is filed with the CSSF. Included in this filing is the reason for each complaint and an update on the status of the complaint. The annual report will also indicate the number of complaints filed by shareholders, if any, the reasons for such complaints and the progress made in handling them.

Appointment of a person responsible for the complaints handling: Joan Elizabeth Clarke will serve as Complaints Handling Officer.