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29 JANUARY 2019 (VIDEO) China: Trade, Tech, and Economic Slow-Down David Loevinger
03 JANUARY 2019 PDF Subprime Lending Returns: This Time with Explicit Government Support Stephen K. Leech, CFA
26 OCTOBER 2018 PDF Opportunities for Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jeffrey W. Lin, CFA and Thomas Lee
04 OCTOBER 2018 PDF Maturation of MLPs Griffith Lee
21 SEPTEMBER 2018 PDF Italy: Rattling the Cage Marcela Meirelles, PhD, CFA
14 SEPTEMBER 2018 PDF The Importance of Sponsor Quality Elizabeth J. Crawford
09 AUGUST 2018 PDF Mr. Smoot Returns to Washington - A Look at the Laws and Powers in the Tariff Toolkit Joel Shpall
02 AUGUST 2018 PDF Respect the Tides: Dangers of Rising Leverage in Late-Cycle LBOs Jamie Farnham
30 JULY 2018
PDF More Than Just Tariff Noise? Appliance Shipment Weakness
Nicholas Bender, CFA
24 JULY 2018
PDF Headwinds Facing Golden State Utilities
Nikhil Chopra
24 JULY 2018
PDF Leveraged Loan Market: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
Drew Sweeney
19 JULY 2018
Michael Y Pak, CFA
18 JULY 2018
PDF Marketplace Lending
Tony Lee, CFA
03 JULY 2018 PDF “It’s an Eminence Front?” The C&I Loan Puzzle Chet D. Malhotra
03 JULY 2018 PDF Any of the Above: Carnac’s Take on Current Rating Agency Accommodation of M&A Activity Marie H. Choi
20 JUNE 2018 TCW Mid-Year Equity Outlook (video) Michael Reilly
01 JUNE 2018 PDF Is This Going To Hurt?
Patrick J. Barrett
31 MAY 2018 PDF Risk Retention: CMOA, CMV, MOA, RR……B – Y – E – B – Y - E Drew Sweeney
30 MAY 2018 PDF Commercial Real Estate Disruptors Sagar Parikh, CFA
17 MAY 2018 PDF The Truck Stops Here – May 2018 Joel Shpall
15 MAY 2018 Assessing Where We Are in the Equity Cycle (video) Diane Jaffee, CFA
11 MAY 2018 PDF Ready for a Reboot? A Case of Consumer Déjà Vu Nicholas Bender, CFA, Marie H. Choi
09 MAY 2018 PDF Party Like It’s Almost 1999? Jamie Farnham
26 APRIL 2018 PDF Is it Just a Game of Jenga®? Jamie Farnham and Anthony Garcia
24 APRIL 2018
PDF Credit Risk Transfer
Phillip A. Dominguez, CFA
24 APRIL 2018
PDF Beware of Relying on Promise and Hope
Jamie Farnham
17 APRIL 2018
PDF Kicking the Can Down the Road… at Origination
Elizabeth J. Crawford
27 FEBRUARY 2018
PDF REIT Adverse Selection
Sagar Parikh, CFA
15 FEBRUARY 2018 PDF Emerging Markets – Early to Mid Cycle Anisha A. Goodly, Christopher Hays
07 FEBRUARY 2018 PDF Is the Consumer Stressing Out? Chet D. Malhotra 
23 JANUARY 2018 PDF Chinese Investment in U.S. Commercial Real Estate (EB-5 and Capital Controls) Elizabeth J. Crawford
16 JANUARY 2018 PDF Investor Complacency vs. The Search for Black Swans William T. Lloyd
14 DECEMBER 2017
PDF CMBS Pro Forma Cashflows
Sagar Parikh, CFA
21 NOVEMBER 2017 PDF Idiosyncratic Risk: Foreign Ownership of Properties Tenanted by High-Security Federal Agencies
Elizabeth J. Crawford
06 NOVEMBER 2017 PDF REITs: Poised for Outperformance? Iman H. Brivanlou, PhD, and Ted Tawinganone, CFA
03 NOVEMBER 2017 PDF Eurozone Policy Normalization: Purchasing Less Debt, Buying More Time Marcela Meirelles, PhD, CFA
31 OCTOBER 2017 The Investment Opportunity in Artificial Intelligence (video) Jeffrey W. Lin, CFA
11 OCTOBER 2017
PDF High Dividends and Opportunities for Growth in U.S. Middle Market Lending Through BDCs
Iman H. Brivanlou, PhD , Ted Tawinganone, CFA
10 OCTOBER 2017 PDF American Dream Meadowlands Sagar Parikh, CFA
09 OCTOBER 2017 Equity Investing: A Focus on Value (video) Diane E. Jaffee, CFA
PDF A New Shell Game? Erosion of High Yield Bond Protection
Melinda Newman
12 SEPTEMBER 2017 PDF Pari Passu: Credit Barbelling, Concentration Risk, and Conflicts of Interest
Elizabeth J. Crawford
29 AUGUST 2017 PDF August U.S. Equities Update Diane E. Jaffee, CFA
29 AUGUST 2017
PDF Debt Ceiling Dynamics: A Noisy Distraction or a Market-Moving Game of Chicken? Timothy S. Bitsberger
26 JUNE 2017 PDF Opportunities in Local Currency Debt Anisha A. Goodly and Jae H. Lee
16 JUNE 2017 PDF Don't Worry About It? Jamie Farnham, & Chet Malhotra
09 JUNE 2017 PDF Will LIBOR Get Benched? Michael Y. Pak
04 MAY 2017 Morningstar Conference: Interview with Bryan Whalen (video) Bryan Whalen, CFA
01 MARCH 2017 TCW Equity Market Outlook (video) Michael P. Reilly, CFA
10 FEBRUARY 2017 PDF The Changing Retail Landscape Elizabeth J. Crawford
20 DECEMBER 2016 Emerging Markets Debt Outlook (video) Anisha Goodly
01 DECEMBER 2016 Unconstrained Fixed Income in the Current Environment (video)
Stephen M. Kane, CFA
09 NOVEMBER 2016 PDF Fixed Income Implications of Presidential Election Result  
09 NOVEMBER 2016 PDF U.S. Equity Market Implications of Presidential Election Result Michael Reilly
16 SEPTEMBER 2016 Fixed Income | Masterclass (video) Stephen Kane
PDF Opportunities in EM Local Currency Debt
Jae H. Lee, Anisha A. Goodly, and Spencer Rodriguez 
15 JULY 2016 Finding Yield in Equities, With Caution (video)
Iman H. Brivanlou, PhD
29 JUNE 2016 Growing Opportunities in Emerging Markets Debt (video)
Anisha Goodly
24 JUNE 2016 Reaction to and Consequences of Brexit (video)
Tad Rivelle
24 JUNE 2016 PDF Brexit – An EM Buying Opportunity?
Penny Foley, Dave Robbins, and Anisha Goodly 
24 JUNE 2016 PDF Brexit Implications for U.S. Equities: A Roundtable Discussion
Michael P. Reilly, CFA, Craig C. Blum, CFA, Iman H. Brivanlou, PhD, and Diane E. Jaffee, CFA
20 MAY 2016 Equity Market Opportunities in Second Half 2016 (video) Diane Jaffee, CFA
18 MAY 2016  PDF The Looming Shift on the Credit Cycle Horizon  Gino A. Nucci, CFA
24 MARCH 2016
PDF  Tail Wagging The Dog
Jamie Farnham
24 MARCH 2016
PDF  High Dividend Equities – Fertile Grounds, Just Beware the Landmines
Iman Brivanlou, PhD
24 MARCH 2016
PDF ESG Investing: A New Approach  Joseph Shaposhnik
22 MARCH 2016
PDF More Is Better
Jerry Cudzil
18 MARCH 2016
PDF Productivity: The Linchpin of the Global Growth Struggle
Tyler Tucci
18 FEBRUARY 2016
PDF The TCW Advantage: Scoring Points While Playing Defense in Non-Agency RMBS
Michael Hsu
09 FEBRUARY 2016
PDF Assessing Equities in a Volatile Environment
Michael Reilly, CFA
08 FEBRUARY 2016  PDF Understanding China’s New Currency Policy
David Loevinger
22 DECEMBER 2015
PDF Commonly Asked Questions on Emerging Markets Today  Penelope Foley, and David Robbins